Access Bars Free Clinic for Mental Health Awareness

Have you ever felt stuck with too many problems? Or do you know someone who may feel alone or overwhelmed by fear or worry?

We would like to invite you to something different and the possibility for change.

There is hope. No one has to walk this journey alone.

With awareness of the increasing rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide, Access Consciousness facilitators and practitioners of Access Bars® will be hosting free events or offering complimentary Access Bars sessions for anyone looking for a different possibility, or a spark of hope.

Many facilitators and practitioners who offer these sessions have overcome their own mental health struggles and feelings of not being “enough”, and have joined in this powerful initiative.

To find out more, you can register for a free event here or contact the facilitator!

Access Bars 是Access Consciousness®的核心。它是由創辦人Gary Douglas發展出來的,是一個可以幫助您的身體輕鬆地運行及接收您所選擇的改變的程序。

Access Bars 是你頭上的32個能量點,當你輕輕地觸碰時,便會輕鬆容易地釋放所有不容許你去接收的一切,這些能量點包含所有你在生生世世儲存的思想、意念、信念、情緒及考慮,這是一個讓你放下一切的機會!

每一節Bars 療程可以釋放5,000-10,000年與被觸碰的Bar 對應的人生範疇有關的限制,這是一個難以置信地滋養及放鬆的過程,刪除你願意改變的所有人生範疇的限制! 你有幾多的人生花費在作為而非接收? 你可以擁有你想要的一切(然後有些!)如果你願意接收更多以及可能做少一些! 接收Bars會實現這一切以及讓更多在你的生命中出現!


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