Dr. Glenna Rice

Dr. Glenna Rice

Dr. Glenna Rice, DPT is a Physical Therapist, a Certified Access Facilitator, Access Body Class Facilitator, Creator of  EMT (Energetic Manual Therapy), Owner of Access Physical Therapy in San Rafael, CA, Conscious Parents Conscious Kids and Joy of Business Facilitator and a contributing bestselling author on parenting and dance. She earned her degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California and has been working with dancers, athletes, children and anyone who is asking for a different possibility with their body for over 25 years. Glenna travels internationally, facilitating workshops to create greater awareness with bodies and anything participants are asking to change. The Access 3 Day Body Class, where you learn over 60 energetic hands-on processes and the Energetic Manual Therapy workshop, a manual course that combines the tools of Access with her extensive training in fascial mobility and as a Physical Therapist, are two classes that surprise her by the miracles with bodies that they create. The phenomenal changes she sees in bodies and lives are beyond what one would imagine in this reality. She knows that anything that the body is creating, be it injuries, pain, disease, discomfort or disability can change when you are asking questions from awareness, consciousness and no judgment. She is immeasurably grateful for what the tools Access have gifted her, her family and the people she works with.


For information go to: www.drglennarice.com


EMT What Is It? An interview with Kass Thomas. Audio translations in Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Chinese are available to download here: https://app.box.com/s/obc0417ftf0uf32242w1wzdux2910pah


Testimonial from Glenna's Conscious Parenting Conscious Kids class...

"As a single mother with three children, I am grateful every day that I chose to integrate the tools of ACCESS into my life. My family has changed from ordinary to extraordinary and my life is expanding all the time. I am no longer playing the insane role of mother that is normal in this reality. The role is full of hard work, controls, over-scheduling, figuring out what is best, concern, stress and constant worry. Since I found this amazing work 6 years ago every day is a new discovery into ways to parent with more ease so it works for me and my family. I am truly creating something extraordinary with my kids."

On Becoming a Questionable Parent...a parent who lives as the question!

Our children are aware. From the day they are born, they are incredibly aware; so aware that they do not separate who they are from their awareness of all the energies around them. This slowly changes around two years of age, when they start to also know who they are. Whenever I can, whatever it takes, I am here to assist my children, and myself, in increasing this ability to know. One of the greatest gifts we can offer our children is to honor their awareness, to acknowledge that they know, whenever they know. Telling them what they should think or what they should know, whether it is to protect them from the horrors of the world or to force them to get our point of view of how they should be, does not help them to be aware, it shuts their awareness down.

Awareness, for most of us at first, is light as a feather; it is often missed in this reality because it is rarely acknowledged. The more it is acknowledged, the more ticklish that feather becomes until it starts to become too difficult to ignore. Every time we acknowledge when we are aware, we give more tickles to that feather. When we say, How does it get better than this? each time we have awareness, we increase this ability. If you stop or shut down someone's knowing you disempower them, and with each disempowerment, they may disconnect more and more from their own ability to be aware. Their ability to be aware of what works for them, what they would like to choose to make them happy, what they would like to choose to nourish their body, and their ability to perceive the lies that exist all around and allow them to make choices from consciousness rather than from what they have been told. We have all had our knowing invalidated in this reality over and over again lifetime after lifetime. It is one reason we can stay so stuck in this limited reality. What will it take to change this, and what will it take to acknowledge our children for their amazing gifts of awareness?

No more sick kids!

Since the have been attending Access classes, my children very rarely have colds. If they do start having cold symptoms they usually go away quickly, and never last more than a day. In the past six years, I have not missed one day of work for a sick child. Before I had the tools of Access and was less willing to be aware, a sick child created so much stress in my life. I would have to miss work, arrange doctor visits, and care for an unhappy, sick child who was in pain. Now, I realize that my children are aware and that they know. One of the things we discovered in Access is that when people are sick it is usually because they have decided they are sick of something. I ask my kids, what are you sick of? They will say things like, I am sick of homework; my dad being angry; chores; kids at school. Once they use the Access tool to destroy and un-create their fixed points of view, their symptoms disappear. The truth is that conscious, aware children do not want to be ill; when given the choice, they will gladly get rid of their symptoms. Now, when they start to feel sick they usually tell me after they have cleared it on their own. They will come to me and say Mom, guess what? I had a headache, it is gone now. I cleared it! What a gift for a mother! With the tools of Access, parenting just gets easier and easier.

Glenna Rice

"I have worked with Glenna and her ability to read the energy is extraordinary. I first went to her for my back, and now not only has that changed, I have more ease in my body, and things I only dreamed of are showing up in my life: more money, fun, sex and an overall ease and lightness in everything I create now!"
- Jennifer Tuton, San Francisco, Gem of The Universe, www.jennifertuton.com


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