Amanda Holland

Amanda Holland

Amanda Holland

If you were to judge nothing about you or your life, would that change your world a little or a lot?


You are not as f$*%ed up as you think you are (or as the world would like you to be)

The mantra of Access is: "All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory". 

Growing up in a family where 'drama drama drama' was the norm, as well as dealing with my own constant thoughts of self-criticism as a teenager and adult, the idea that my life and living (and brain!) could have an ongoing sense of ease, peace, joy, happiness and more was more than I ever thought I could ask for.

What if everything in your life could come with ease, joy and glory? That includes the good, the bad – and the drama!


Opening the door to limitless creativity and possibilities

As a private-school educated, middle-class Aussie female, the expectations were that if you were could find a man, have babies and a career, that’s the ultimate trifecta of success. I tried so hard to fit that image, but deep down, I dreamed of being Indiana Jones, Supergirl, the X-men, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and an Intergalactic Rock Star all rolled into one.  the older I got, the more impossible and ridiculous that seemed, and I tried to be happy with living the way others taught me to.

With the tools of Access, I realised that rather than a pre-determined path, I had limitless possibilities to choose, play and create with – and not a single choice was right, wrong or better than the other. The playground of life started showing up in all its colours – I began to see the choices I had beyond the 'suitable trifecta' of husband, family and career. I could include all that if I wanted, but it could be one part of a much bigger adventure called my LIFE!

What if you are limitless? What if there is no end to the possibilities for what you can do and be? What if you are undefinable and unconfinable? What if you are creative beyond your wildest imagination?


More about Amanda

Aside from being a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness, Amanda is a qualified Anthropologist, Archaeologist and Film-maker. She also trained as a classical singer and is a pianist and songwriter. She runs her own writing, editing and communications consultancy. She uses the Access Consciousness tools daily in her business and with her clients to create greater possibilities for all.

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