Amanda Holland

Amanda Holland

Amanda Holland

Looking for Change?

Welcome to Access Bars® & Access Consciousness - non-conventional & phenomenal tools empowering you to choose & create a life that works for you.

I’ve you’ve been trying hard to make your life work, to make others happy, to achieve what you’re supposed to, and yet, it isn’t really working for you, this is your invitation to discover what else is truly possible that you’ve never considered!

Do you desire more ease, joy and glory in any of these areas?:

  • relationships
  • career, job or business
  • family/parenting
  • body
  • money
  • mental & emotional health
  • and more...

Begin to explore what is possible for you and your body with an Access Bars or Access Body Process session or class, where you get to relax, lie down, even go to sleep, while releasing limitations that keep you stuck - no talking required! 

You can also book an online private session and receive facilitation with Access questions and clearings to assist you in changing wherever you feel stuck or limited.

Or choose an Access Foundation class and take a flying leap into the adventure of living you’ve been looking for!

There is so much more possible. What would you like to choose so that life and living truly works for you?


My Story

I was 20 when I realised everything I’d been creating in my life wasn’t making me happy. I’d just recovered from a serious illness and nothing about my life or body worked at all.

I spent the next 8 years exploring alternative healing techniques. Each gave me something to keep going, but I still wondered if anything existed on the planet that could help me stop relying on others for healing and change, and empower me to change my own body and life.

One day, a friend told me about someone who did Access Consciousness session. The mantra of Access Consciousness is, "All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory.”

I booked a private session. I had my long list of ‘issues’ ready, along with a healthy dose of scepticism while secretly hoping and praying this would help me. Five minutes in, my head was spacey, the rolling thoughts slowed and disappeared, and I relaxed. By the end of the session, I no longer felt derailed by the problems I’d thought were so significant. The most amazing thing was that all the trauma and upset I’d felt NEVER came back. That was a total first for me!

Within about 6 sessions of Bars, I noticed more change. Physical issues I thought I’d be stuck with forever changed permanently. After attending my first Foundation class, my whole view on me and my life completely turned around. And even then I had the sense that this was barely the beginning of what was actually possible.

12 years after my first Access session, and using the tools of Access in life and business, “All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory” is my reality, rather than pain, suffering and gory… and it just keeps getting better!


More about Amanda

Amanda is a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness, Access Body Processes and ESSE Practitioner who also runs a writing, editing and communications consultancy. She received her first Bars session in 2009. Several months later, she was standing in the kitchen and it suddenly occurred to her that the upset she'd gone in to deal with in that session had never come back! That was the first time ever in her life she'd experienced lasting change and ease of truly 'letting go' and she knew right then that Access was really different. She attended every Access class she could after that, and became a CF the following year. Over a decade on, Amanda uses the Access Consciousness tools daily in her life, business and with her clients to create greater possibilities for all.

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