Amy Shine

Amy Shine

Amy Shine is Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator®, 3 Day Body Facilitator® and Movement Facilitator. Amy is also Access Bars Facilitator® & Abuse Hold Practitioner®. She has also created her own specailty class that incorporates the tools of Access Consciosuness & embodied movement called ''Accessing the Joy of Body.''

Amy loves to travel, facilitate, create, inspire and awaken others to a life of more ease, fun and consciousness with their body and being. She is one of the authors to the #1 Best Selling Book ''Dancing as the Body For Consciousness''. She is known for her capacities with bodies and can help facilitate more ease and communion with your body that changes all of your life.

Amy is also a trained Massage Therapist, Thai Yoga Vedic Bodyworker, Yoga TT 200hr & Ecstatic & Embodied Movement Facilitator.

''Every time i get my bars run or get a body process i get more of me. The tools of Access Consciousness empower you to know that you know so i no longer have to make anyone greater than me. I can make choices for me everyday in my life and empower others to do the same. I used to wonder why i was on this Earth. Now I see possibilities everywhere in a world that used to disillusion me'' Amy Shine

If you'd like to take a class with Amy, you can find her classes below. There are also more classes listed on her website:

If you'd like to book a private session, please contact her via email or phone.

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What if the purpose of life was to embody joy and have fun?


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