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00:01:18 | The Basics & Backstory of Access Bars

00:21:52 | LIVE appearance by Brendon Watt.

1:31:10 | Interviews and more with Susanna Mittermaier, Kalpana Raghuraman, and others.

1:55:00 | Dr. Dain Heer LIVE
The premiere of his new Ickonic Television series ‘Is Now the Time?’

3:32:55 | Featured videos

4:01:23 | LIVE interview with Gary Douglas, the creator of Access Bars.

4:31:07 | Featured videos about Access Bars and Access Consciousness.

5:25:41 | Interviews and more with Brendon Watt, Shannon O'Hara, Christopher Hughes, and others.

8:57:51 | Interview with Simone Milasas and GRANDE FINALE with Dr. Dain Heer.

What if 2022 could be different?

Each year, we take one day to celebrate Access Bars, a gentle touch point treatment that has created change for millions of people.

For this ninth annual Global Access Bars Day on January 15, 2022, one of our targets is to create more consciousness on the planet – where everyone and everything exists, and nothing and no one is judged. 

Join us to discover how to reduce stress and anxiety, find easy ways to create a life you love, and hear stories from people about the change created with Access Bars and the tools of Access Consciousness®.

Let’s BE the change.


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