Anne Maxwell

Anne Maxwell

Anne Maxwell

Do you trust you?  Or do you trust what others say … the experts, the teachers, parents, friends, bosses, colleagues …? 

When you start on the road to trusting yourself, you begin to realize that you can create a different life … the life you might secretly like to have, that you might not think is possible. 

I have had a clinical therapy practice, specializing in children, families and adults, for over 25 years.  So many of the parents and adults that I work with confide in me that they have little to no idea who they are or what’s actually true for them. Many of them doubt themselves, especially when what they hear from others flies in the face of what they know to be true for them and their kids.  And many of them live their lives out of a sense of obligation, working hard, trying to fit in where they don’t, staying in jobs they don’t like, keeping relationships that aren’t fulfilling, thinking they cannot make things better.

What if you could live a life that inspired you, where you woke up in the morning eager to find out what the day had in store for you … regardless of your upbringing, regardless of what other people say, regardless of your present circumstances?  

If you are not living that life … I invite you to that!

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Traditionally trained as an LSCW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) and as an RPT-S (Registered Play Therapist – Supervisor), I have enjoyed a thriving clinical practice for almost 30 years.  Ten years ago, I discovered Access Consciousness®.  And I incorporated the tools of Access® into my practice and my life, with results I’d never seen following other trainings.  Healing and change for my clients came so much easier, and were more effective, more fun and faster!  And, they still are!  And, my life changed utterly. 

I co-authored, with Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, the international bestselling book, Would You Teach a Fish to Climb a Tree? A Different Take on Kids with ADD, ADHD, OCD and Autism.  I also wrote, The Keys to the Magic: A Play Therapist’s Handbook of Family Centered Play Therapy (the handbook I wish I had been given when I first started working with kids as a play therapist!)


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Welcome to my profile! I'm so happy that you found me and I'd love to connect with you!!

“"It’s not your past that creates. It’s what you choose today and what you create as your tomorrow."”

- Gary Douglas