Heather Nichols

Heather Nichols

Heather Nichols

Hi!  Welcome to my page!  I love this stuff and I love sharing it!  Access Consciousness has changed every area of my life in so many ways and i am so grateful!  When I found Access in 2010, I had been practicing body centered psychotherapy and teaching movement for 13 years.  I loved what I was doing at the time and yet when I started to experience how FAST change can occur with the tools of Access, I was hooked!  I started applying the tools to my life as a single mom, to things I had not been able to change about my body, to my business, and my whole life - and I started seeing it all change with so much ease in front of my eyes. 

One of the great gifts that Access has shown me is that I am not messed up - I am not wrong - and that what makes me happy and excited about life is actually a contribution to the world and to everthing I am creating.  I have used these tools to overcome severe seasonal allergies, insomnia, stress, problems with parenting & business - you name it.  And I am so grateful!

One of the things that makes me ridiculously happy now is to see people realize that they can create anything!  What if you are not wrong for anything - and in fact you are far more brilliant than you think?  When you get that - you can begin to create a life beyond what you have imagined before.  I love being part of that and am grateful and honored to facilitate this truly world changing work.

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“"The art of living is knowing that your life is your business..."”

- Gary Douglas