What is the Energetic Synthesis of Communion?

Have you been looking for a way to stop the endless chatter of thoughts in your head? A way to get out of the contraction and limitation of this reality?

Communion is the energy, the sense of peace, that is possible when we are connected to everyone and everything, including the earth.

What if you are more like the earth – undefinable and unpredictable – always a new energy, and always looking for something more to explore?

That space is the indescribable energy of the ESC (Energetic Synthesis of Communion) with Dr. Dain Heer.

Our videos are subtitled in several languages. To activate them, start the video and choose your settings in its lower right corner.

ESCs are facilitated by Dr. Dain during lunch breaks at special classes. Dr. Dain walks around the room, working on the bodies of the participants in the room, while speaking to all of the people and the energies that come up and are contributed.

You could call it a kind of meditation, if you require a word.


It’s beyond words, it’s through everyone and everything, every molecule in creation, thrumming and vibrating and contributing to healing of you, your body and the planet. Lay down, relax and connect with what the earth, the universe and consciousness are inviting you to in that moment. 

What if you could simply walk this earth with a sense of space knowing you are oneness and an integral part of everything that exists?

This is your invitation to play. Consciousness has your back. The Earth has your back.

Are you willing to know and receive it?

Enjoy a taste of the Energetic Synthesis of Commmunion

I purposely do not define this…
It is only when you define something you can limit it.


Get your own ESC to enjoy at home

Listening to these audios you will be able to tap into that energy of communion, and the sense of peace that is possible when we are connected to everyone and everything, including the earth.