Jayne Micallef, CFMW

Jayne Micallef

Jayne Micallef, CFMW


Access Joyful Body - London & Surrey 

Class locations; East Croydon, London Waterloo & The Light Centre Belgravia

Hi I'm Jayne CFMW, Access Consciousness Bars, Facelift & Body Process Facilitator I offer Access classes and private sessions in East Croydon, London Waterloo & at the Light Centre Belgravia.

Before I found Access Consciousness I’d never acknowledged that I was different. I never fitted in and had always made that a wrongness rather than my strongness. I struggled with the point of view that you were supposed to work hard for your money and that you had to fit in.

Well, that really didn't work for me and deep down I always knew that there was more to life and that I could choose something completely different. I had played with lots of modalities that made things easier but beneath it all things were the same.

So eventually I found Access Consciousness and dived into 5 days with bars and foundation and my life changed and expanded way beyond what I thought was possible. Well, after the first day in the bars class actually! And after that there was just no turning back for me.

I started making a lot of new choices and I started creating the life and business I always knew was possible and yet never knew I could actually choose.

Today I live a life that for some would seem unbelievable with 3 thriving businesses, fun inspiring people to choose WAY GREATER!! And lots of weird and wonderful people to play with pretty much every day! How does it get any better than that?

So what contribution can I be to you?! :)

Feel free to reach out to me if you get that I could be a contribution to your life in any way. Or if you just want to have some fun! You don't have to know what it's going to look or be like. Go with the energy! If reading this is light, expansive and fun for you.. well, what would it be like if you chose some more of that good stuff?! What else is possible? :)

Check out my Access website, or Facebook events page. Or just send me an email. Let's play!

More at https://www.accessjoyfulbody.com/

Private Sessions: https://www.accessjoyfulbody.com/change-anything/

Class & Workshop Schedule: https://tinyurl.com/y7m5x799

Facebook Events Page: https://www.facebook.com/accessjoyfulbody/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jayne.micallef/



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“"Jayne, I am so grateful I found you and was able to get to your Bars class my creativity has gone through the ROOF amazing things are showing up I feel awesome...thank you so much!””

- Client testimonial