Julie Merwin

Julie Merwin

" I’ll spare you the dirty details on how I got to the miserable place my life was at when I discovered Access. Lets just say it was not fun, expansive or joyful. I was depressed unlike I had ever experienced before. I was lying on the couch one day in tears, my body felt heavy, and I had lost any interest in caring for myself. I didn’t even want to eat. I had learned several healing modalities and self help tools prior to finding myself in this state. (Theta healing, Reiki, art therapy, dream interpretation, Law of Attraction, “The work” of Byron Katie. I read as many Don Miguel Ruiz and Deepak Chopra books as I could get my hands on....) All of these were helpful in starting me down the path of becoming more conscious and yet it seemed that I had gone as far as I could with them and now here I was in a bit of a predicament.

You see, I knew that the Law of Attraction was basically this: “What you think about you bring about, and what you add emotion to you bring about faster.” The problem being, there I was miserable and unable to take my attention off of that fact. I couldn’t even remember what it felt like to be happy. If all I could think about was how unhappy I was, then I was screwed. I’d just be creating more of that...and with a vengeance. I had gotten to this point of desperation and finally asked a question. “How the hell do I get out of here?!”
I took my first Access Consciousness classes a week or two later, and was stunned to find things lightening up immediately. Ironically, I learned that one of the most basic and potent tools of Access is “being in the question” a question empowers and a statement or answer disempowers. When you make a statement you shut off the energy that would allow for anything else to show up. When you ask a question you open doors to infinite possibilities.
I used to think I had to have the answers in order to change the direction of my life. I thought I had to know what it looked like, and how to get there so I could visualize and direct the energy to make it happen. Again the problem being, that often I didn’t really know what I wished to have anyway...just that it wasn’t this. It was by sheer force and will power that I thought creation and generation happened from. Now I know I can unstick myself from any situation just by asking for what else is possible? What would be more fun? More expansive? How does it get any better than this?
Would you like to do less force and more flow in your life? There are heaps of easy to use tools and processes that allow you to generate a life beyond your wildest dreams. This question thing is just the beginning.
It took me getting to a ridiculous level of misery in order to ask for something to change. My question to you is.... What if you didn’t have to? Would you be willing to have a great life be even better? Are you allowed to have it that good?
What if you didn’t have to put yourself through torture in order to know how strong you are, or in order to learn about yourself? What if being a conscious being had nothing to do with overcoming immense difficulty? What if believing such a thing was what created all the crappy experiences you’ve overcome so far? How’s that working by the way? What else is possible?

I love facilitating with the tools that Access has to offer....so please feel free to contact me for private sessions, or classes and any questions you may have. I can do all of the above. If you require more, I can facilitate connecting you to other facilitators in the area as well.

You can check out my website at: www.infinite-alchemy.com 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about me and to see what I have to offer. What can I contribute to you?

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“You are powerful beyond your wildest dreams, because you have managed to not create everything you actually want. Isn't that amazing, that the fact that you don't have what you truly desire is an indication of the power you have to create? You are creating on the not side instead of creating on the yes side. What else is possible?" -Gary Douglas”



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Easy to learn, inexpensive and hands-on with a fully-trained facilitator guiding you in the technique.

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