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Sarah has always loved all the healing modalities, and the world of energy!! Since the age of 20, she has been self employed. She set up her own financial business in London, to run along side her love of energy, and in 10 short years created a business and personal assets she is proud of. Sarah loves to play in life and has travelled the world extensively having lived predominately in the UK, NZ, and Australia. In NZ, aside from setting up a successful healing business, Sarah fulfilled one of her personal dreams of designing and building her home on a beach front block of land, which she sold just prior to the birth of her twins now aged 13.

Today Sarah lives on the Sunshine Coast and travels worldwide as a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator. Sarah loves exploring dynamic growth and change in people’s lives with them in a joyful and uniquely nurturing way.  She also fully appreciates the greatness of empowering others to know and be themselves. Sarah says this work is richly rewarding for her personally and she loves to be a contribution to each person she meets, and also to this beautiful, amazing planet.


"I have been to at least three workshops run by Sarah and I have found her to be one of the most present people I know. The way she facilitates is unique and very effective. I would recommend her to anyone who is after dynamic change in their lives."" Vanessa xxx

"To say I knew virtually nothing about Access before my weekend with Sarah is an understatement. To say that in the days since, I am different beyond my dearest dreams; also a massive understatement. From just my attendance, my children and family are also experiencing a dazzling shift within themselves. Amazing! Sarah possesses talents and skills acutely brilliant; she effects change lightening quick and gob-smackingly easy. There is nothing in the world like Access Consciousness and Sarah Be to take it to it’s pinnacle. Sarah holds a magic wand and proves that magic not only exists, and is a heap of fun too!! Diana Adelaide

"The experience of “Sarah” and Access Consciousness has been extraordinary. I am well into my 50s and was starting to get a whole lot of aches and pains as a result of a lot of earlier sporting injuries in my ankles and legs. I was stretching and walking and playing some social sport but could not recover like I used to. At a recent Access Consciousness workshop with Sarah in the Adelaide Hills I tried a remarkable technique that Sarah introduced to our group and the aches and pains have miraculously gone. I keep expecting to have them and wake up with them but they have completely disappeared. Sarah has taught me to heal myself and has opened up a whole new world that I didn’t know existed which I am now exploring in other parts of my life. I fully intend to join her next level of workshops when she returns to Adelaide. Thank you Sarah from the depths of my body and soul" Bron Adelaide

This Article was published in Holistic Bliss June 2012

by Sarah Burr

“I never ever thought there would be anything special about me!” Sarah laughs, I just thought I was damaged goods beyond repair! I was just so different! (a little autistic some would say!) and now today I can say “What if our difference is our brilliance?” I had never seen it this way before! What if we are all brilliant!

What if as a child we were absolutely amazing, way beyond the comprehension of this reality, and were simply never recognised for the contribution we were trying to be? What if we as children so willingly and excitedly revealed our amazing gifts, talents, and abilities and were then made wrong, bad, and strange for having them! What if the people around us were simply unable to understand and receive us?

So what did we do with these capacities? I am talking about;

The exquisite joy of contributing to make the world a better place,

The joy of creating things all day every day!

The infinite care I had for everyone around me, without wanting anything in return.

The excitement and wonder of watching nature transform from one season to another.
The awareness of the beautiful energetic connection we all can have to this Planet.

The giggles of laughter with my sister that no one else comprehended, because it was an energy we were experiencing together, the togetherness that was pure delight!

The simple ease of just knowing, just knowing everything! The thoughts in people’s heads! The awareness of what was going to happen next! The freedom to see that all the behaviour around me was mostly insanity!! And that they seemed to be choosing it!! I thought it was bizarre that they were not choosing to follow the universal energies that were so abundantly clear to me!!

So what did I do with all of these talents capacities and abilities? Sadly I hid them so well I could no longer locate them under the deluges of the wrongness of me. I gave up me and bought into this crazy reality around me! After years of misery, depression, and sadness something else just had to be possible. I found Access Consciousness and I would particularly like to acknowledge Gary Douglas the founder for the massive contribution he is to the world today and for daring to see me before I could see me under the deluge of not me!

So what if it is possible to have so much fun, joy connection, and happiness and total enjoyment of being you in every moment? I am so choosing this! I am glad to be so different! I am now being the contribution to this planet I always just wanted to be.


This was a poem I wrote about Access!!


A whole new world has just opened for me,
One that’s creative, and fun, and joyful, and free.
To have, and to choose, to receive, and to give,
Something missing before? – Yes! my desire to live!

I’ve experienced depression, boredom and fears,
control and threats, and violence and tears,
I’ve had dramas, and traumas, and tantrums, and pain.
Who created this crap? this life of no gain?

I wanted to blame someone for all of this mess?
I tried gods, and religions, and all sorts of bequests.
I’ve been powerful, and wealthy, and been Queens of old!
No one came forward no one so bold!

One day I demanded that this better change,
This life of such strife, unhappiness, and pain.
A phone call from Kath, have you heard of the bars?
Would you like to come with me? to come to meet Marg?

It felt like a yes? and I didn’t know why?
I didn’t really care, I was ready to cry!
I’ve just had enough! of Planet Earth, and this reality!
Of money, and rules, and total insanity!

I asked some questions, and everything changed,
A door to the universe reopened, and energies rearranged?
A feeling so familiar, and yet the titanic had to turn about!
Those quantum entanglements needed sorting right out!

More questions, more awareness, more pod /poc, more choice!
More Potency, more joy, more fun, and more life!
More receiving, more knowing, more perceiving, and be
More creating and generating this consciousness is now ME!

And there is my space! that I couldn’t perceive!
and there are my energies! that I couldn’t receive!
and there is the knowing! And all that I be!
Who’s been in charge all this time? Was is it possibly me?

Huge gratitude to Access, to Gary and Dain,
Who gave me the space to ask questions and gain!
What’s true about me and all of my glory!
I couldn’t see me under all of the story!

And now today with total ease!
Im an Access facilitator looking to see!
the beings in the world as they truely be
If you would like this? then feel free to call me!

Sarah Be September 2011


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“"To Be or To Interpret? That is the Question!!" Sarah Be "Laughter is the chaos that creates the world!" Gary Douglas "What choices beyond the choices you know you have, can you choose?" Gary Douglas”

- Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? Marianne Willliamson