Is Access Hiring?

Is Access Hiring?

We get hundreds of requests to work with us every year. The short answer is: Access never really hires… and at the same time Access is always hiring!

Working with Access Consciousness is a little different. We almost never have positions to fill. You will never see a post for a job opening. Most people have created their own jobs by being incredible at something and stepping up to do it at the right time. We are continuously looking for brilliant, creative, quick, committed people who are great at what they do and will expand consciousness on the planet.

The best way to knock our socks off … is to knock our socks off!

Show us- don't tell us- what you can do for Access, how you can expand things or take something to the next level. We are looking for the best, and we will ask you to prove it!

You'll also want to come to classes and introduce yourself to us there as well! Most people who work with Access are certified facilitators or have been to multiple 7 day events. While that is not a requirement we find it is much easier to work with others who are truly using the tools and who have a similar target. We work together in a very unique way that demands a great deal from people.

Lastly, you can always approach a certified facilitator individually. Many of them are also looking for truly great help. What can you do? What do you know?