Available Languages

What Languages Is Access Consciousness Available In?

Access Consciousness is an English-speaking company, based in the US, Ireland and Australia. This means the majority of our classes, material and communication is in English. 

However, since we have facilitators and classes in more than 170 countries, we also translate selected classes, material and communications to some of the biggest language groups among our clients. We would like as many people as possible to have access to these tools globally, wherever they live or whatever language they speak. 


Subscribe to receive news from us! When you subscribe to receive our communication you can choose which 1 language in addition to English, that you would like us to communicate with you in via email. As long as that language is currently being offered you will then receive emails in that language of your selection. And please don't hesitate to ask for a specific language should you not see it as an option on our lists.

Select a preferred correspondence language here. You can update your selection at any time! 

The Website

Key parts of this website are also being translated into a series of languages. As soon as a new language is available, you will find that in the drop-down menu above. Please just be aware that there will always be more information available in English than in other languages.


Access Consciousness videos on this website are subtitled in several languages. Click settings in the lower right corner of the video to turn them on and to select a language.

Our videos are subtitled in several languages. To activate them, start the video and choose your settings in its lower right corner.


We translate many of the founder and co-creator, Gary Douglas and Dain Heer’s, classes to several languages. Some classes in Europe can have simultaneous translation of more than 10 spoken languages. Many of these classes are also live streamed online and we often choose to live stream a couple of languages as well.

For more information on translation in classes, please keep an eye on the website or contact our live class translation team

Some facilitators also choose to have their classes translated. Please check for more information on that with each individual facilitator. 

Books & Manuals

We focus on translating manuals and books to the major language groups in the world as well as to languages in countries where Access Consciousness is growing quickly.  We currently have books in a variety of languages such as Spanish, German, French, Italian, Turkish, Swedish, Danish, Japanese and Estonian. 

For more information about which books are available in your language, please check the Access shop. For manuals, please contact our written translation team