The Consciousness of Wealth & The Wealth of Consciousness

The genius of abundance is the future this world requires.

Do you choose money to create or for a purpose? Purpose is the reason people use rather than choose. Creation is for fun and for the future. Creation is what nature demonstrates. Always productive, always abundant and always creating itself.

Purpose uses logic and in so doing can only generate artificially; called loans, credit, deficit and financial apparatus.

Consciousness is the true wealth of living and gifts to all. Where have you blocked, stopped, rejected and escaped the infinite flow of consciousness?

Join Dain and Shannon for a joyous and intense dive into the magic of gifting and receiving. Learn how gifting and receiving is the source and core of all the magic the Universe can be through you, for you and for all.

The Details

A 3-month online course with Dain Heer & Shannon O’Hara which includes at least 2x live zooms per month and additional homeplay and material.


Choice of Possibilities and Energetic Synthesis of Being at any time.


Choice of Possibilities, Energetic Synthesis of Being, Symphony of Possibilities, Advanced Body Class or 7-Day Event within 12 months.

Strongly Recommended (but not required prerequisites)

  • Consciousness Anywhere - podcasts on money 
  • Right Riches for You - book
  • How to Become Money Workbook & Advanced How to Become Money Workbook
  • The Gold Club Money Calls


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