Becoming A Writer Teleseries


Tapping into the whispers of creative writing

What would it take to be open to the whispers of a book waiting to be written? 

What invitation could you be to co-create all the possibilities with total ease and joy? What energies could you invite to come play and create?

In this "Becoming A Writer" Specialty teleseries, you will receive Access Consciousness® tools to assist you in actualizing the written creations you already know are within you, and tap into the energies that are unique to you and your creative capacities. 

What else? This class will assist you to:

  • Get clear of your topic and your ask on what you’d like to create.

  • Receive facilitation using the tools of Access Consciousness to step into creation-ship with your project, whether it be a book, a speech or simply a way to communicate through social media.

  • Gain clarity with these subtle conversations that are choosing you to co-create with.

Becoming a writer is more than putting pen to paper; it’s a creation-ship with your capacities as well as all the energies that wish to contribute to you. Dare you ask? 




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