The Relationship Class

Are you longing for a relationship? Are you resisting one? Are you in one and wondering if it’s time to get out? Are you in one and wondering what it would take for it to be greater? 

Are you making yourself wrong for not having one? Ever wonder what a conscious relationship would truly be like?

What if all relationships were only good for 10 seconds? Most relationships in this reality are created from total insanity. How’s that working for you? 

Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer are inviting you to a totally different reality, one where you get to create something great that works for you. Welcome to four days of exploring what else is possible in this area, offering:

Pragmatic tools. Brilliant manipulations. A totally different perspective.

“Where would I have to go, what would I have to do to find a relationship that would be fun for me? Try for a fun relationship, not a good relationship, because good relationships always require judgment.” 


4 days


Choice of Possibilities within 12 months of the start of class.
Or COP at anytime & any advanced class with Gary and Dain within 12 months.

Please Note:  
You can apply for this class and if Gary does not think you are actually capable of receiving what the class will deliver, we will not take your money and Gary has the right of refusal.  Thanks.


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