Advanced Access Body Class

The Access Hands-On Body Processes are a unique set of energies that contribute to returning your body back to its natural state of self-healing. They are a contribution not only to the person who is receiving the process but also to the person performing the process. When these processes are being run they create an energy that can permeate a room. Now imagine a room with multiple pairs of people performing various Access Hands-On Body Processes at the same time and for 3 days? Welcome to the Access 3-Day Body Class.

Building on the changes, space and possibilities that you created with your body and your life in the Access 3-Day Body Class, the Advanced Body Class helps you step beyond the threshold of “fixed” or “good enough” into what is possible beyond our wildest imaginings. 

For the first time in Access the energies for the Advanced Processes have been able to be revealed and the Advanced class is Facilitated solely by Access Consciousness Founder Gary Douglas. Questions asked in this class are not just about bodies. Conversation topics have included business, family, earth, addiction and personal growth. His unique way of seeing things exponetialize the changes possible for your body, the world and consciousness.

This class is more than fixing your body, it’s about changing your relationship with your body and your relationship with the world. The target of the processes in the Advanced Body Class is to get you out of judgement with you and your body, to get you and your body to the place where you have the energy available to create and generate YOU. After this class you will walk thru the world differently.

The Advanced Access Body Class – The class where you open the door to a world of no limitation and no boundaries.

Advanced Body Class

Find out more about the Advanced Body Class from the Founder of Access Consciousness in this Audio!