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How To Talk With Your Body

What is your body trying to tell you?

Your host Emily Russell is joined by Dr. Andrew Gardella, a chiropractor and certified Access Consciousness facilitator. Listen in to learn about the body receiving energy, how it has its own intelligence and capacity to heal, and how you can start communicating with your body.


What Is Pain?

What power are you avoiding with the pain you are choosing? What if you were always functioning from the space of infinite possibilities instead of the problem, the difficulty, or the thing you cannot handle?

Shannon O'Hara is joined by the founder of Access Consciousness®, Gary Douglas, on the topic of pain. Listen to learn how pain is power, and what other possibilities are available with pain.


Knowing What’s True For Your Body

How much of what’s going on with your body is actually your body giving you an awareness? It knows what it requires and what it desires and what’s true for it, but we don’t really ever ask it. Shannon O'Hara is joined by an amazing Access Consciousness® facilitator, 3-day Body Class facilitator, and magical wizard of bodies, Dr. Andrew Gardella, for a conversation about knowing what’s true for your body.


The Space Of Embodiment

Shannon O'Hara is joined by her sister Grace Douglas, a 3-day Access Consciousness® Body Class and Process facilitator. Listen as Grace shares her energy and awarenesses with Shannon about moving beyond body judgment, people’s struggles with weight, and conflictual relationships with food and eating, into the spacious possibilities with bodies.


Bodies Talk To Bodies

How do bodies talk to other bodies?

Your body is far more aware than you or your logical mind are. In today’s episode, Shannon O'Hara and Katarina Wallentin invite you to explore a new possibility with bodies and learn what bodies are capable of that no one really talks about.