Watch on your own device

  1. Get an ONLINE/VIDEO CLASS TICKET for your class.

  2. Get a FREE Zoom account to your preferred devices (you can follow the class on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone). 

  3. After payment, you’ll receive access to the class-specific Zoom link both through email and on your FREE ACCOUNT class DETAILS. Follow the link to attend online!

    Included are easy instructions for your audio and video settings, how to ask questions during class, and who to contact for technical assistance, etc.

    Streaming begins approximately 30 minutes before each class. The screen will show the classroom or a class graphic, and we’ll turn the sound on for you just before the class starts.

Join a Party of Possibilities (POP) near you

  1. Get an ONLINE/VIDEO CLASS TICKET for your class.

  2. JOIN A POP near you!

    All POPs are hosted by certified Access Consciousness facilitators to assist and facilitate you with any questions during class.

How to access your class recordings


  1. LOG IN to your free website account.
  2. Under Media, select Video on Demand.
  3. Choose and play the class you want to watch from the dashboard. A new window pops up with volume, screen size, and other settings along the bottom.


  1. A secure link and password is sent to you through email.
  2. Follow the link and enter the password to access the audio recordings.
  3. Choose your language and download to your device.

    We upload recodings as promptly as editing and internet capacity permits. 
    Please allow our talented tech team 24-48 hours to do their magic. 


The video class customer service would love to assist you to have ease with your online class!