Welcome to Right Riches For You Certified Facilitator Training

31 May - 02 June 2024 | Live in Rome, Italy and Online

 Right Riches For You Facilitator Training will be a three-day course for those of you who actually like money and know there can be more receiving and gifting in the world.

Who and what can you empower with the practical, effective tools and methods of Right Riches For You?

Can you imagine a world where no one had ever heard of or believed in the concept of lack?

A world where those that chose would have access to the infinite gifts of receiving?

What can money teach us about receiving?

Your Prerequisite Checklist

 Read: Right Riches For You
 Read: How To Become Money Workbook (at least 6 times)
 Read: Money Isn't The Problem You Are
 Watch and or read the Ascent of Money
 You must like money (and have some!)

What Can You Facilitate as a Right Riches for You Facilitator?

The Venue

Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel & Spa

Via G. Frescobaldi, 5
00198 Rome, Italy

+39 06 854421

Parco dei Principi website

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