Alexandra Nicol

Alexandra Nicol

Alexandra Nicol

Access Consciousness provides you with the tools and techniques to change areas of your life that aren’t working. This is done by empowering you to identify the limitations that you have locked in to your life. The thing is, because it is your limitation, you don't see it. By using the tools of Access Consciousness, we will assist you to identify where the limitation is and clear the energy holding it in place. By clearing the limitation, a different possibility can then show up for you. The tools of Access Consciousness are simple for you to use and apply to any area of your life.

The Access Bars process is the first step to dynamically changing your life. If you are unhappy with how your life currently is, or you just know that there is something more to life than what you currently have going on, I recommend experiencing a Bars session.
The Access Consciousness Body Processes are energetic processes that unlock and let go of energies that are creating discomfort and disease in the body.
I am available for private sessions for you or your animals. My mobile number is 0427556633. Give me a call to discuss or send a message to book an appointment.

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