Betsy McLoughlin

Betsy McLoughlin

Betsy McLoughlin

"Hello and Welcome! I'm so glad you found me here!

Are you wondering what Access Consciousness™ all about and if it's right for you? Have you ever sensed that there was something more to life? Access™ is a weird, wacky modality that actually works!

My journey started about twelve years ago when I realized I wanted something different from my life. I have learned and explored many modalities and teachings. I completed all levels of Reiki teachings and became a Reiki Master. I was fortunate enough to discover Access Consciousness™ from a friend and took an Access Bars™ class. I heard that the very least you will feel is relaxed, like after a massage and I was intrigued.

I loved how the clearing statements and energy flowed! I wanted to learn more and teach this wonderful technique to others. The positive results of this process are beyond amazing! My life is so much better since discovering Access.

I am an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, A Bars and Body Process Facilitator.  I'm also a Being You Certified Facilitiator and a Joy of Business Facilitator. I am available for private Access Bars and Body work sessions, group and private coaching, The Foundation Class, Access Bars classes, Access Body Process classes, Access Facelift classes, Clearings, telecalls, and what else? 

I have a radio show that airs Live every Tuesday at 6:00 PM EST / 3:00 PM PST


If you would like a class and don't see anything scheduled, please contact me to arrange a class for two or more. I'll travel to you!  Let's talk about what else is possible! Live a life of ease, joy and glory! How does it get better than this? Choose a life of Freedom, Joy, Authenticity and Abundance.

I’m looking forward to working with you! What can we create together?


""I met Betsy at a Access class in Canada. There I felt the amazing energy that is Betsy. So when she hosted a 3 day Body Class in Baltimore and asked if I would attend, there was no way I would miss an opportunity to exchange body processes with this beautiful woman. She ran a few different Body Processes on me and I was amazed at the capacity, caring and willingness of the energy that Betsy was being, that my body and being felt safe to move through issues that had been stuck for years.

Betsy saw the potential of what I was not willing to see and in her kind and loving way she brought me to that space and let me see what was possible for me to change without judgment of whether or not I choose it. To this day, I can still feel the space that she held for me in allowing me to be exactly who I am and who I am willing to be. I live in Lasalle Ontario, Canada and no matter how far away I am she seems to know when my world gets a little wacky, she sends me words of encouragement and that beautiful energy that gets me unstuck from whatever is going on in my world.
Thank you so much Betsy for everything you have done and continue to do to support me in my healing and life.
With Gratitude
Robert, Lasalle Ontario, Canada""

""I have never met Betsy McLoughlin before I set up an appointment to have an Access Consciousness Bars Session. Betsy was very welcoming, professional and loving, she explained to me how the ""Bars"" will feel prior to the session and what I can expect afterwards.

My experience was a great one! During the treatment, I drifted away as if in a deep meditative stage, That evening I slept incredibly well and the best of all was the following day and for many days afterwards I stayed on the present moment without effort. I always stayed present with what I was doing at that time without any extra thoughts surfacing or distracting me.

My treatment was on a Friday evening. I was so convinced about it, that I signed up for a class with Betsy for the following Sunday on how to facilitate bars. Not only did she do a great job as a facilitator but she also hosted a great class! Thank you Betsy!
Domingo - Pasadena, MD""

""Betsy is such a beautiful, sweet and compassion soul. She gently and unconditionally creates a space for her clients and students to step in. Her sessions are warm, loving and very healing. I have personally experienced a number of sessions with Betsy from Access Bars, Reiki Energy Healing, Energetic Facelift, personal one-on-one coaching and I have also had the privilege of attending my 3rd Access Bars class with Betsy and her husband Dan. What I received in that one class by far surpassed what I received from the previous 2 classes facilitated by others. After a year since my 1st bars class I am now confident enough to finally offer Access Bars sessions for others and offer classes myself.

There is a lot to say for a well organized, well explained and compassionate class setting. If there is anyone reading this now and is considering contacting Betsy to experience one of her services, please can't have a more compassionate, loving and knowledgeable facilitator and teacher to work with you. She is genuinely a being of pure love.
Narda M - New York & Gaithersburg, MD""

""I am so grateful for our recent Bars sessions. I so deeply appreciate your nurturing, patience and kindness when running my bars. It is such a gift to receive such caring. I love how bright and expansive life feels after these sessions!""

Do you know that annoying notion (when you are searching for it)...I mean that blisfull, amazing, indescribable state (once you have experimented it) of being in communion with your own body and everything around you? If you have not yet experimented it yet, how much are you judging yourself for this? If you have already experimented it, how much did you judged yourself for not being able to get there faster? What else is possible now for you that you have never even considered? For me it took only 1 SOP and coaching session with the amazing Betsy McLoughlin to get there and it was life-changing and beyond words. I was finally able to acknowledge myself and my body and my body and be in communion with it and receive the whole of me! Would that be a contribution for you also? What would your life and the whole planet be in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years if you choose this? And what would it be if you do not choose this?

But don't choose it, I double-dare you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Ana, Portugal
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