Bianca Andeweg

Bianca Andeweg

Aren't you meant to fly........

When you are young you came into this world to discover it, you asked a lot of questions and maybe you even knew that everything was possible........... And than things started to change. You went to school, you learned to sit still, to comply and don't ask to many questions.

You learned all about right and wrong. You started looking for the right answers and the right way of being you. You made yourself small and tried to fit into a box...... and even though you have tried and did your best to make it work...... YOU don't fit and you will never fit!

You are different. You have capacaties that nobody else has and that is what makes you unique. The one thing is that you are so entrained to judge yourself that you can hardly see what is great about you. You even divorced parts of you so you won't stand out and paople would like you.

But when you do that you give up YOU! The parts that make you unique, special and attractive. What if you are far greater than you have ever acknowledged yet? What capacaties do you have that are so unique that if you would acknowledge them would be a contribution to a greater life, living and future possibilities!

So is now the time to be you and FLY?!


Start seeing the greatness of YOU!


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“Start seeing the greatness of you!”