Bonnie A Stevenson

Bonnie A Stevenson

I have always known that my hands perceived something greater. A Reiki Master for 10+yrs and a Crystal practitioner since the dawn of the new millenia, I simply deemed there was something greater and easier. My first Bars session was in the summer of '16, followed by body processes and more Bars in the Fall and that was when I knew for sure that I would be a Bars Facilitator. My journey has led me from class to class and now all I can say is I am truly enthused about the next class levels. The greatest ease has been receiving the Advanced Body Class in Costa Rica! Receiving from both Dr. Dain Heer AND Gary Douglas was indescribable. Period. Facilitation and clearing stuck energies from marvelous AC CF's is a journey I continue to choose. What else is

Getting to play with Access Consciousness tools and choosing to take classes all over the world has led me to travel to Ireland & Scotland in the EU, San Francisco, Denver, Baltimore, and Houston in the US. I've sat at the base of La Fortuna waterfall in Costa Rica and the discovery that we are all Magickal. How does it get any better than that?

Besides my Access tools, I love working with Crystals. Crystals and I have a wonderful symbiosis; we share a language I love to translate for you and help you discover. Similar to our connection to Source, their energy allows us to connect with Mother Earth. What contribution to you could that create?

We are all interconnected and using the Access Tools, opens ourselves to so much more! 

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“"Let the waters settle, you will see stars and moon mirrored in your Being" and "The Beauty you see in me is a reflection of you"”