Connor Hill

Connor Hill

Dear Stew,

Hi my name is Connor Hill,

I aspired to have and eventually achieved a Professional License in Civil and Environmental Engineering because I wanted to make a difference in the world. I studied everything from the global economy and social movements to cultural norms and psychology. The macro and micro of the cumulative and individual minds so to speak and what their respective actions or the lack there of, create.

I’ve gotten dirty jumping into sewers, working with cities, politicians and businesses from global corporations to startups. I’ve worked with people all over the world to assist them in getting to what is true for them. I’ve witnessed the transformation of raped landscape to verdant and abundant flourishing terrain. I’ve been on the verge of technical advancements and walked through antiquated lands, and I've seen the shit you flush down the toilet and no matter where you go in the world it all smells the same.

With everything I’ve studied and everyone I’ve observed I see a lot of folks talking about how it ought to be done better, how it could be done better, and a whole lot of great people just trying to get by, and almost none of them taking action.

But what if change was far easier then you ever thought possible? Would you step out of the stew you've been living in and become a steward?

Have you been saying and thinking “I don’t know” “I can’t” “I don’t have enough time” “That’s for someone else” “I wish I could do more” what if instead you ask a question?

You don’t have to force yourself, although you can if you like, just notice when you are doing it, when you going to conclustion and thinking of what’s not possible or what you’re not capable of, and ask a question.

Here I’ll give you one;

"What can I be or do to create a sustainable future?"

and let go of everything you think is required to create sustainability. What if all that was required was for you to start by asking the question?

That’s where I was years ago, always looking for the answer. No matter how much I did, it didn’t seam like it was enough or fast enough and heck! Sometimes I still go there, but now I’ve been asking the question and I’m doing more, and the difference I always sought to make is showing up faster all the time.

So just ask yourself, no need to tell anyone else, “What can I be or do to create a sustainable future?” and let it flutter to the wind. No need to do anything else just sow the seeds of question and walk away. If you come back to it, give it a little water by asking again, no need to soak it just keep it damp and watch it grow.

14 Years ago I had just graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Normally this is a degree that gets you a job right away, but in 2009 no one was hiring.

My sister offered to run my bars and asked me 5 questions about what kind of job I would like to have. I had been too busy thinking about what I needed to do and trying to find out what’s out there, never truly asking for what I would like. So I cried, it wasn’t even in my world to ask for what I wanted, the possibilities were so limited, but I asked and I wondered, WOW! I would like to live in a city and have a job that’s constantly changing, working with a diverse group of fun people,making $50,000 per year, doing something that contributes to the Earth.

Two weeks later I received a call from Boston, 2 weeks after that I was driving my truck from Kansas to Boston to live near the ocean, to work a job that satisfied every single one of my requests...

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To Whom It May Concern | Connor Hill Hi, I'm Connor Hill. I'm a professional Civil Engineer, and I've spent the last 20 years of my life studying the global economy, global societies and our Earth as a whole. I've experienced far-off places, the religions, the cultures, the flora, the fauna. And the people too. I'm here today to reach out to all of you - to ask you one question; to take one action to create a sustainable future for our planet, and for those of us who choose it. Would you contribute to creating that? Would you ask this one question each morning? Here it is: What can I contribute to creating a sustainable future? Would you do that?

“Be Something Different.”

- Connor J Hill


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