Dr. Kayla Leung

Kayla Leung

Dr. Kayla Leung


A Global Entrepreneur with expertise and talents across many industries. Kayla has degrees in psychology, fashion and economics. She is and has been a therapist, editor, contributing writer, a columnist, a fashion designer, a stylist, a jewelry designer, a blogger, a seasoned investor, directors of different companies, a marketing manager, a business consultant and so much more. With all her experience, she LOVES facilitating more consciousness around the world. Her empowering talents spreads across many cultures, languages, and different countries across the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe. “How much more can we create and have if we start acknowledging the gift we truly be?”

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“"You are creating every single moment. You have to know and acknowledge that you are the source of creation of your life in order to be continually expand and be greater."”

- Kayla Leung