Lori Ouellette

Lori Ouellette

Lori Ouellette

Be the happiest person you know!

Catalyst Change Creator | Motivator | Body Whisper’er
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Lori lives life from the pure essence of the beauty which she surrounds herself with and it brings her great joy to know you are here, exploring the possibility of a life that’s led by choice and perseverance to never give up and to never give in.

She will invigorate you to choose past your greatest fears, showing you that even failing is a success and that there’s magic in each failed success!

Allowance is golden and Lori has a plentitude of it. She will guide along your chosen journey with love, kindness, allowance and contribution to get you where you’ve been asking to go.

Start now. Be the space of what you’ve been asking your future to be, NOW! And in one year you will look back and see you are greater, stronger and contributing to your own life in ways which will shock you!

It will happen fast and if you give yourself the space of 1 year, the space of 12 months… only 365 days you will find that it will never be this way again.

And you will be better than ever wink



Bringing a decade of training and an arsenal of expertise as a Registered Massage Therapist, Lori facilitates each session through a variety of body-mind-energy disciplines using a gentle, yet effective and intuitive approach.

Lori's practice has evolved into one which facilitates the most beneficial outcome for you, her client.

Utilizing the inherent wisdom principle in each cell, Lori assesses the "whole picture" and together with her clients, co-creates an individual treatment plan. She shares the understanding of how the physical body follows the thoughts and beliefs of the spirit and the mind. So whether choosing a deeply relaxing treatment and/or gentle and potent energy work, you get to feel and be more of your outrageous self.

Through her continuous study, application and practice of a variety of modalities:

Massage Therapy
-- General massage
-- Deep tissue massage
-- Relaxation massage
-- Prenatal and Postpartum massage
-- Baby massage
-- Sports massage
-- Lymphatic drainage massage 
-- Medical massage

Specialty Therapies
-- Symphony of Possibilities
-- Advanced Myofascial / ESSE*
-- Energetic Facelift (private and class format)
-- Nutritional and Life coaching
-- Craniosacral therapy
-- Access Bars®
-- Right Body for You

Rehabilitation Therapies
-- Cutting Edge & Innovative therapies such as stem cell therapy
-- Orthopaedic
-- Acute and Chronic pain remedies

Lori empowers you to invigorate your life and out create yourself each and every day.

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“The Magic of a Beautiful Life is never being afraid to jump in and fail.”

- Lori Ouellette