Margarete Gallowitsch MSc

Margarete Gallowitsch

Margarete Gallowitsch MSc

My lovely, brave, funny Story

My name is Margarete Gallowitsch, MSc, I was born in Austria, Graz in 1965. I do have 2 children,25 and 12 years old.

I worked in a company for 30 years as employee. I was very successfull in this company, working with the CEO and so on but i was not satisfied…..

While working in this company I joined about 200 trainings during the last 20 years. I facilitated more than  400 classes and about 500 one by one sessions.

I facilitated about 50 Foundations, 40 TTTE Classes lots of Bars and Body Classes.


I „thought“ i do not have any abilities with horses. Than there was a TTTE class in Belgium last year, that i was supposed to facilitate, nobody signed up and i was really not amused. This was my entity team talking to me. No you do not facilitate a class you will BE in a class, called conscious horse conscious rider!

 This was the only prerequisite for joining the CHCR facilitator training… Houston on  Garys Ranch, with Gary Douglas and Suzy Godsey. After this class it was so obvious to BE a CHCR Facilitator, that was not in my mind before.

I wanted to be a 3 day Body Facilitator but i never asked if it is human bodies or animals bodies…

After this class me and my daughter, who was always  asking (demanding) for a horse, we bought a horse again.

This is a very short story of what happened the last years and it is still the tip of the iceberg.

Hope we will meet somewhere in the world to talk more about and meet in person.


Master of Science - für psychosoziale, komplementäre und integrative Gesundheitswissenschaften
Dipl. Lebens- und Sozialberaterin
zertifizierter wingwave Coach
Raindrop Practitioner
Young living - essential Oils -unabhängige Distributorin
Bioenergetische Beraterin
Noreia Essenzen Beraterin
Ringana so fresh 

Available all over the world - just book me

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