Marja Zapusek

Marja Zapusek

✨ Hi there! My name is Marja ... ✨

As you can see on the right I have quite a nifty set of titles after my name ... 😉

I am a Access Consciousness certified facilitator, Relationship Done Different certified facilitator, Talk to the Entities CF, Symphony Advanced Practitioner, Maestro and a translator for Access Consciousness (probably lots more will be added as I go) ...

I am also a licenced mediator with a law degree and working in the corporate world as an assistant auditor, a CEO of two companies (one accounting, one self-developement) and constantly looking for new chalenges and possibilities.

... but that doesn't really tell you much about me, WHO I am, just what I do ... 🤔

🧚‍♀️ So, allow me to tell you my story ... my journey into the the magical land of the tools of Access Consciousness🧚‍♀️

Ready? Are you comfortable? 😁 Let's GO! 👇


Before I found the tools of Access Consciousness I have been through all sorts of modalities. None of which created any sense of space, lightness, freedom or even much change for me.

At that point I was still in an abusive realtionship, but soon after becoming a single mom, doing my best to survive in the corporate world with an average salary and chained to my home town. I was deeply deppressed and was only a shadow of myself and my body was always in pain. I was constantly angry and nervous and chronically tired, hardly ever smiling. Yet I always knew there was something else possible. So I kept seeking.

Fast forward to today, I am on a path to creating my own thriving business, I have a happy home and a beautiful relationship with my child and a happy and healthy body and I am also smiling and laughing most of the time.

I get to travel all over the world (which before was un unthinkable feat for me), living my dreams, facilitating consciousness and basically ENJOYING my life.

Thanks to the tools of Access Consciousness my reality has totally changed in all possible areas and there is always space for even greater change.

Wanna try it for yourself? 😉


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“What if it is time to stop judging ourselves and start seeing the gift we be? What if we started using some of that kindness and caring we constantly be for others, for ourselves as well and started treating ourselves as we should have been treated? Wonder what that would create for our lives and the world? What if now is finally the time to make that different choice? Are you in?”

- Marja