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Rachael O'Brien

Cead Mile Failte, A hundred thousand welcomes to YOU!

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Before Access

As an adult in my 30s my life wasn't working for me, I was extremely tired and sick 

Little did I know at that time, what was creating my life was the way I was viewing my life.

I had been raised Catholic Irish by my mum who was a single parent and I didn't have my father in my life which was quiet unusual in Ireland in the 70's.

Within this began a life of self judgment ,anger and stress which led to suicidal thoughts and eventually in 2008, I tried to kill myself.

I had this moment where I realized I had decided I had to die to get peace from my ever present thoughts .

For whatever reason, which I still not quiet sure of I decided to live and got out of the water.

That day I made a choice to live and that choice opened the door to a new future.

New Possibilities 

I now had to decide what I would like my life to be like but to be honest I had no clue how to change it.

My Sister invited me to a mind ,body and spirit festival in my hometown Cork and this is where I discovered Access for the first time , I lied down and received a treatment of Access Bars.

It was incredible , peace passed over my body and all my negative thoughts seemed to quiet down.

This treatment changed my life and I was ready to sign up to whatever they had on next ...

This Is What I'd been Asking For My Whole Life ! 

Life Now with Access

Fast forward 13 years....

Here I am happy and having more peace and joy in my life everyday !

I get to work with people like YOU, from all over the globe and share the tools of access to empower them to change their lives just like how access has changed mine !

Life can be an adventure, it can be fun and easy and more magical than you have ever imagined

You are worth it, YOU MATTER.

It takes huge bravery and commitment to change your life and reinvent you. But by choosing to change I have created a life that I could never have imagined.

What would it take for you to know that everything you have ever asked for or desired is available to you?

Set Yourself Free & Discover Your Possibilities. 

Hugs and Gratitude,


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“What if the purpose of your life is to be happy?”

- Be You & Change The World Dr Dain Heer