Susan Anderson

Susan Anderson

"Is something in your life not working?

Or do you wonder what else there is so that your life would be as you imagined it could be?

So... what do I have that you might desire?

When was the last time the entire day was about you?

What would it feel like to know you have chosen change and have gifted yourself those moments where change is possible?

When you choose to come to ""Chez Susan's"" you are asking for the space of NO JUDGEMENT.

You are asking to work with a facilitator that will guide you to the next level, however many clearings/processes that may be.

And when you are ready to demand the change, you will have the space, know the questions and leave with more tools that will empower you to choose for you.

for more information go to 1-450-229-1600

You choose the hour(s), the day(s)and then we will make it happen."

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