Ask and Create Your Life

By Beate Nimsky

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Welcome to Ask and Create Your Life by Beate Nimsky!

Is it possible to create the present and the future by asking questions??






Softcover Book
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What is Ask and Create Your Life?

Is it possible to create the present and the future by asking questions??

Beate Nimsky, author of several books and acclaimed seminar facilitator, shows with appealing clarity how this is possible, and how wishes can come true and results can be attained by using open and transforming questions.

In her easy and light-hearted manner, she combines illustrative stories from her life with the necessary background knowledge in an impressive 220 questions covering the areas of self-determination, self empowerment, going beyond self criticism, body, health, staying biologically young, money, sales, relationship, difficulties, conclusions, control, creating creativity and life forms.

There are general questions everyone is familiar with. The questions laid out in this book, however, are phrased in such as way as to awaken and activate your inherent powers, hereto unacknowledged capacities and all related information fields.

New questions, most probably never before asked, serve to broaden your horizon in how you think, feel and act. These include questions for in the morning to contribute to a successful day and questions for the night that assist in clearing and providing a restful sleep.

A special clearing statement is explained and this helps you to let go of limiting habits and thought patterns, so that life becomes more free, easy and happy!

“What else is possible?“

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Beate Nimsky, Master of Science,
CEO of Nimsky Training Institute for Intrinsic Competence
is an inspirational catalyst for change, who works with CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders in companies developing their leading abilities.

She has been a pioneer in consulting and implementing value driven cultures in companies for more than 25 years.

Before founding her institute, Beate Nimsky gathered over 10 years of leadership experience in the areas of human resources, administration and sales in companies like Ericsson, Europcar and Xerox. A car accident gave her the impulse to look for additional methods to improve her mental power, physical health, inner energy level and consciousness. This is how she met Taoistic Grandmaster Mantak Chia, who she studied with for over ten years. Beate also learned NLP, Autogenous training, kinesiology and meditation.

With all of these techniques she studied and applied them in her own life. Beate went on to use these life and business enhancing skills in her seminars with Chairmen, CEOs, Business and Community Leaders expanding leadership skills in companies, and contributing to creating a sustainable corporate culture.
Her strengths are in her brilliance in understanding and engaging people in workshops and trainings that inspire a different way of living and doing business. She also facilitates self empowerment and an enthusiasm and clarity around creating for the future that has personal development and counseling clients having dynamic change in all areas of their lives.
After experiencing nearly corporate burn out she knew she required more inner change and it was then that she discovered the system of Access Consciousness®. These tools provided such dramatic change in her life that she continued intensive training with the life changing system. As a Certified Access Consciousness® Facilitator, Right Voice for You and Body Process Facilitator she includes all the Access® tools within her coachings and consultings.

Her book “Ask – and create your life” combines both her personal experience and questions that are designed to inspire contemplation and transformation.
Change for the better is guaranteed!