Clara & the Climate Changer

By Katarina Wallentin , Roser Cussó

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Welcome to Clara & the Climate Changer by Katarina Wallentin!

What if you woke up one morning and had the chance to change the world – while still in your pajamas?

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Hardcover Book
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From Katarina Wallentin comes the captivating story about Clara and the day when she singlehandedly changed everything. 

What if you woke up one morning and had the chance to change the world – while still in your pajamas?

This is exactly what happens to 9-year-old Clara, the empowered climate-heroine in Katarina Wallentin’s second children’s book about one girl’s quest to restore the earth’s tainted beauty and the courage she needs to muster when possibility knocks.

In this eco-adventure illustrated by Roser Cusso, that knock comes when Clara is met by a female disgruntled polar-bear who, sick of rising waters and diminishing fish reserves, floats in from the north pole in a red-hot air balloon to find a human cub who will help.



"The people in the world seem to be so busy living their lives, that they miss to see that the Earth is crying for help. They are so busy washing dishes or doing their daily tasks, that they fail to hear birds singing, or pay attention to their children... It takes a polar bear, a monkey and the heart and courage of a child for things to change.. Is there that maybe animals and children are much more aware than we give them credit for? In the face of truth and real happiness, even the grumpiest person will make a different choice."

Anca Pal, Romania


"A wonderful story about environmental awareness and how the Earth requires our undivided attention before it gets too late for change, cleverly wrapped in a children’s book. This book is for children and adults alike. My daughter loved it! It gave her the acknowledgment and the power that children are indeed the leaders of tomorrow, and because of their different view of the world, unspoiled by modern technology, they too should have a say in what happens to our world and for their voices to be heard. But the book also speaks to the adult’s inner child, so that we know that when we listen to that child’s voice within and follow what we know is possible, we will be fully supported (like Clara was supported by Kokkai) and miracles can truly be achieved! Both inspiring and fun to read!"

Marja Zapusek, Slovenia

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Katarina Wallentin is an avid explorer of the magic that is truly possible on this beautiful planet of ours. She lives in Stockholm, Sweden, and this is her second children’s book. 

Roser Cussó is from Barcelona, Spain and lives in Aarhus, Denmark. She works as a freelance illustrator, finding her inspiration in the cold weather and the light of the north.