Access Bars Facilitator Certification Renewal

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Terms and Conditions will apply

Prerequisites: see below

Access Bars Facilitator Certification renewal

Renewal Requirement

You will have attended or purchased one of the following classes with a start date in the past 12 months. 

  • The Foundation 
  • Choice of Possibilities
  • Being You, Changing the World Event
  • Body Whispering
  • Energetic Synthesis of Being Class
  • Symphony of Possibilities
  • Access 3-Day Body Class
  • Advanced Class1
  • Business Done Different (class or series)
  • Business Done Different – Program
  • Business Done Different – Program with an Advanced JCF
  • Business Done Different – Program with an Advanced Facilitator
  • Getting out of Debt Joyfully with an Advanced Facilitator2
  • Relationships Done Different with any RDD CF
  • Relationships Done Different - 10 Week Program with ANY RDD Facilitator
  • Relationships Done Different with an Advanced Facilitator2
  • Advanced Body Class 
  • Intensive

Note:  This purchase is non-refundable.

1Advanced class is 3 days or longer facilitated by Gary or Dain. This does NOT include Telecalls/teleseries.

2Advanced Facilitator is Gary, Dain or Simone.