New Class Creation Upgrade for Access Certified Facilitators

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This is for Access Certified Facilitators who would like to add a medium to a pre-approved existing Special Topics class.   


  • Be an active Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator
  • Have an existing pre-approved Specialty Class 

Note: If you would like to obtain approval for a Special Topics Class please click here.




Upgrade (add mediums)
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This is for Certified Facilitators only to UPDATE their current Special Topics class.  

This product is to add types, complete edits of text, pre-reqs etc. , of already approved and listed classesto your already existing classes to post on your profile. (You can add Intro under 4 hours, telecall and/or live 1 day or more class. Longer than 1 day classes will require extra approval. Livestream is possible and will require additional approval). 

You must be a current CF and your account must be in good standing.  You will be asked for the following:

  • Class Title
  • Class Description
  • Class Type

Approval of your class update takes into consideration things like, what percentage of your class is using Access content, and whether or not, what you will be doing relates to the overall target of Access Consciousness®.

For a class description where the content includes other modalities, Gary will add a rider saying “The content of this class does not necessarily reflect the views of Access Consciousness” to avoid any confusion for people as to what is Access and what isn’t.

Note: If you are submitting a class in a different language, please provide your language AND an English translation.