Talk to the Entities Power Clearing Pack

By Shannon O'Hara

Talk to the Entities Power Clearing Pack

The name of the Power Clearing Pack speaks for itself!

The Power Clearing Pack Contains:

  • Demon Clearing
  • Creating and Receiving with Entities
  • Unlocking Your Abilities with Entities
  • Entities of the Earth
  • Space Clearing for Houses, Buildings and Land
  • Money Come from Entities

Are you ready for phenomenal clearings in these areas in your life?

Imagine what your life would be like if you had freedom and ease in these areas…

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Facilitator:  Shannon O'Hara

Format:  MP3 Digital Download

Pre-Requisite:  None

How Awesome is Clearing?! 

Don’t you wish sometimes that you had a magic wand that you could wave at all the stuff you don’t want to handle or don’t know how to handle?

Well there is a magic wand called the Access Consciousness® clearing statement!

Introducing Shannon O’Hara’a brand new Entity Audio Clearing Loops! She skillfully uses the Access Consciousness® clearing statement within these magical clearing loops.

Dive deep into changing all that limits you with the spirit world and awareness.

How much comes up for you when we say spirit world? So this is a great start, let’s clear that!

The clearings get us to the point where we can choose. What have you chosen that limits you with entities?


+++ +++

That demon clearing loop is fantastic! It's like a nice bright shiny energetic balm. I've had it playing nonstop in the Airbnb I'm staying at in Vancouver and it's been a totally different and peaceful experience than it was before having the loop playing.

Usually with a lot of different loops, when I have them playing during the day when I'm not "home", when I get back at night there's usually "stuff" to take care of in the space. Different energies, entities, glop and glom, etc.... But with this demon clearing loop there has been absolutely nothing for me to have to add or clean up. The loop takes care of the complete energy!

Thank you for making this and sending it out!
Listening to call 3 now



+++ +++

LOVE waking up without that black cloud in the mornings


 Each Clearing Audio Product contains:

  • Intro audio on how to use the Clearing Audio
  • Explanation of the Clearing Statement
  • Downloadable mp3 Audio Clearing Loop

Delivery Information:

Downloads fulfilled through Talk to the Entities.  If you require assistance, please contact TTTE here.


When Shannon was a child, she discovered that she was acutely aware of a world that is invisible and even unmentionable to most people – the world of entities.

With the help of her stepfather, Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness®, she learned how to talk to the entities, and interact with them. Using the tools of consciousness, Shannon realized how to embrace this unique capacity that gave her access to a reality that goes beyond what is considered normal and real. And yet, for Shannon, there it was and is.

Shannon's first book, ‘Talk to the Entities’, came out over 10 years ago and was about these first steps along this path. It has now grown into a full program of classes, with facilitators all over the world, using the tools of Access Consciousness. This book, ‘The Beings of Light’ is a continuation and deepening of that exploration.

Today Shannon travels the world with her husband Max, facilitating Access Consciousness classes on consciousness, bodies, and entities, with southern Sweden as their base.

Remember those old maps that said ‘beyond here are dragons’? Well, those are the areas of our lives that Shannon O’Hara continuously and tenaciously explores. Her books are an invitation to you to come along and, if you’re willing, see for yourself.