From The Language Of Addiction And Abuse To The Language Of Consciousness

What language did you learn to speak as a child? English, Swedish. Italian, German? Did you also learn to speak the language of addiction and abuse? Did you learn the patterning and responses that make it difficult for you to move beyond limiting behaviors?

Family teaches us far more than we realize: You should respond to stress this way... You deal with conflict like this.. You treat your mother like this....Men are.. Women are... This kind of abuse is normal...You deserve this for being bad... Our story is... We don't go above .... Your responsibilities and obligations are...

Any of that sound familiar? Those are just a few examples that make up the Language Of Addiction And Abuse. There is a different way! What if you weren't a prisoner to your past or even apparent current circumstances?

What if you could come out of the addiction and abuse into creating a life that really works for you? What if you could be fluent in the language of consciousness? The language of true choice and happiness?

This class offers a very different possibility for those who came from families where addiction and/or abuse were the norm.

Is it time for you to speak another language?
In this class you will learn:
• Where you have taken addiction and abuse as normal and/or unchangeable.
• To identify the patterns that are keeping you trapped and limited, and the tools and information you require to change those patterns, including patterns of wrongness and being undeserving.
• To let go of the grip of family and replace it with relationships that work for you.
• To come to a place of actual choice around the shoulds, obligations and responsibilities you have taken true and unchangeable.
• The elements of speaking a new language – one of consciousness, joy and ease.
• Embrace a YOU that is more expansive, more joyful, more confident and is able to trust you to know what you know and act accordingly.

Here's what some class participants have said about Marilyn:

"From the first time I met Marilyn - I knew that she had a 'special' something. When I was going through therapy years ago, I wished I had someone like Marilyn to go to. She's kind, caring and brilliant in her facilitation. And, don't be fooled - she is lazer sharp and can call you on your 'stuff' and empowers you to 'know that you know'. She's like the kind, aware, empowering mom that I wish I had growing up. In the classes and tele classes I've taken with her, I've felt that she had my 'back' and that I could be vulnerable and tell her anything because she is in allowance and doesn't judge. How did I get so lucky?
With gratitude" - L.W., Colorado

"Marilyn is able to brilliantly add the Access tools and technologies to her knowledge and wisdom regarding addictions for an incredible impact! This not only shifts things in the physical reality regarding addictive behavior, but changes the energetic patterns holding belief systems and past programming (which includes family patterns taken on at an early age) in place that makes addictions so difficult to eliminate using only traditional methods normally used in our society. If you really would choose to totally eliminate any kind of addictive behavior, this is your ticket to a new YOU!" D. O. Tenn.

"Marilyn Bradford has brought me to level of awareness I have never known.This awareness has increased my happiness and sense of self-worth. As a facilitator, Marilyn gets to the specific issue directly and in a kind and gentle way. My connection with myself has deepened and grown exponentially unlike ANY OTHER program I have participated in.
Thank you Marilyn for you and the transforming tools of Access Consciousness." R. T. Santa Barbara

"Marilyn has an amazing knowledge of addiction of all kinds of behaviors, how it keeps you stuck and how you can start changing it. I am always flabbergasted by all the information and aha moments I receive on her calls on the Puja network and the tele-series Ending The Primary Addiction Of Self Judgment. She presents her in depth knowledge is a very clear way, with humor and I find her a very empowering facilitator always asking questions." CM, the Netherlands

"Marilyn is brilliant. Her willingness to explore the world of addiction outside the box takes us past the hopelessness and destruction into possibilities for living. Marilyn's experience and her constant quest for information combine with her intuitive knowing, her caring and her kindness to empower each of us to step up, take charge and live our own life." D.N. Minnesota

"Marilyn Bradford's combines her personal life experience, her professional experience as a psychotherapist and her masterful use of the Access Consciousness™ tools and processes to facilitate the people in her classes in breaking down their barriers and to realize that they do know what they know. Some changes for me have occurred in an instant and others have required more processing. There have also been changes I didn't even notice until someone has mentioned how surprised they were at my reaction. Then I've truly recognized the change has occurred at a deep foundational level and such that I didn't even notice it happening. Marilyn has my gratitude and highest recommendation." D. K. Oklahoma

"The Right Recovery for You Program is an absolute gift to those of us who have been in that place where no choice is the only choice you have. There is no need to be a slave to your matter what it is. Everything is possible, everything can change. You have more power than you think you do." J.S., Australia

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