Access X-Men: Disabilities or Abilities?

Access Consciousness® has a very different point of view about so many so-called ‘disabilities’.

What if autism, OCD, ADD, ADHD are abilities?

What if it is easier than you can imagine to change the symptoms of insanity, paranoid schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, nervous breakdowns and post traumatic stress disorder?

What if life-threatening diseases such as cancer, AIDS, HIV, diabetes, and more can be changed with simple processes and tools? 

This is a 2 day class.


The Foundation
The Undiscovered Possibility (An Access X-men class) either Live or Telecall


Live and Live streamed

Welcome to Nederland Access X-Men for the choosers and craetors of a different reality!

At what age you began to hide difference?

your weirdness? 

your uniqueness? 

your capacities? 

If this strikes an awarness for you then you can attened livbe in Nederland or on line streaming via zoom 

Foundation is a pre req for this class and children are welcome with a paying adult. please bring toys/tablets for them to enjoy their days in class .kiss


LIVE class info

Klik HIER voor NEDERLANDSTALIGE Informatie over de Locatie, vervoer en parkeren!


The Venue:

Studio Lourdes Kerk 

2e Messstraat 108,

2586 XG Den Haag 


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The entrance of the class venue will be on the back side of the Church! Please walk around the right side of the houses around the church to find the stairs leading up to the big wooden doors.