Barbara Mali

Barbara Mali

Barbara Mali

For half of my life I was searching for the tools to get me out of the heaviness, judgments and wrongness of me. Nothing really worked. And then I found Access bars. At first I was doing bars sessions as individual treatments to see if other people are experiencing the same change as I was experiencing after my bars were run. After all of them have given me feedback about amazing changes, they've got, I chose to spread this knowledge further. 

I was traveling from town to town in my home country Slovenia, making introductions, classes, until the momentum started and people started to become bars facilitators, having their own classes, spreading this amazing, simple and effective technique even further. At one of the seminars I attended in London maybe three years prior I started with Access bars and other Access Consciousness classes, I said: "I would like to touch peoples' lives." when we were asked, what we would like to do in our lives.

It never shows up as you think it will, but certainly with my simple choice Access Consciousness tools I touched and improved many many lives. How does it get even better than that? I am looking how to spread the tools even more.  To give them into hands of even more people. To encourage and empower even more people in knowing that they know, that they have everything to create anything right now inside them. What if it could be for a start as simple as asking a question?

Every day I am in awe of efficiency of Access Consciousness tools, of stories of change people are telling me and of changes and growing ease in my own life. What would it take for the whole world to know about these tools and techniques? What would it take for world to become happier place? Let's do it. We are all in this game together!

Beside core classes I facilitate all kind of classes on topics of money, business, bodies, self love, creating life by your design, love to facilitate Symphony sessions, work on bodies etc. If you are interested to have a class in your country and to work with me, please, don't hesitate to contact me.  

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“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.”

- Les Brown


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