Avec Access Consciousness, je suis  magicienne de la Symphonie des possibilités, CF, facilitatrice bars, lifting facial et processus corporels.
Mon univers ? L'écriture, les mots, la traduction, la poésie, la beauté, la joie, l'aisance, le mouvement, l'itinérance vélo, la nature, la Terre et l'énergie.
Et si nous jouions et explorions ensemble votre univers, vos possibilités et tout ce qui s'offre à vous ?  En français..... or in English? 


My long-time experience in ultra distance road cycling or mountain bikepacking introduced me to a new awareness with my body and with nature.  No wonders then that when I got introduced to Access Consciousness Bars some two years and a half ago, I knew right away that it would open up a whole new range of possiblities. And it has. And still is. Beyond this reality. How does it get any better than that?

I love sharing some of the magic of the journey I have undertaken with Access Consciousness and into the universe of the Symphony of Possibilities! What would it take for you to get on board? 


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“Never give in, never give up, never quit. Ne cède jamais, n'abandonne jamais, ne cesse jamais.”

- Gary Douglas