Chrissie Shirley

Chrissie Shirley

Chrissie Shirley

You know how you have stuff going on in your life and people say to you Just get over it! You would if you could but it just keeps hanging around, and you are stuck with it. How do you get over your grief, move forward in your life and start living again after the loss of a beloved loved one? 

I am one of the people who has lost two children to dying young and I know the pain of extreme grief. Both of them I handled differently.

My first baby was diagnosed with the worst form of lukemia at the age of 3 months and died 4 months later at the age of 7 months. 

Being the naive young woman I was, I allowed the doctor to tell me I needed sedatives  to which I agreed and it took me years to get free of them. And  anti-depressants don't allow grieving to take place in a natural way. What they did was they masked the grief, and I still cried uncontrollably but now I was not being truly present. I was kind of like, away with the fairies and in la la land. 

I handled my son's passing very differently from the death of my first child. Oh, it was unbelievably hard but I refused to take any prescription drugs and used nature as my companion. I found a process called "the Bars" I found the Bars I know now because I was desperately seeking something that would help me stop the sobbing and the pain. 

After I learned this easy body process the crying began to subside. The more I ran this process for others, the happier I became. I was making a difference in other people's lives, as well as my own.

There is another key process that I know helped me to move forward, called Tri-fold Sequencing Systems. These energetic systems are triggered by  the shock of anything traumatic, like a divorce, loss of a family pet, or sudden death of a child or a loved one. The way it works is it loops the "story" of the tragedy on a figure 8 loop which keeps the story going around and around perpetually with no way out.

When my Access Facilitator pointed this out, she ran a few verbal processes. (Access clearing processes are very dynamic - Ask me for more information, as we may be able to disable the TFSS for you very easily) The pain began to dissipate and release. Each clearing brought more awareness and clarity to the area, unravelling the places where I was stuck.

Find out more by contacting Chrissie Shirley on Messenger, Whatsapp 0064 221877313 or These processes can be done very effectively over the phone.








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