Facilitator Trainings

You are the gift the world requires and Access Consciousness invites you to become a facilitator of consciousness, contributing to more consciousness on Earth for all who choose it.

Talk to the Animals Certified Facilitator Training

Are you willing to change the world’s perception of the animals that live with us?

Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator Training

CertifiedWill you contribute to the possibility of a world where everything is included and nothing is judged?

Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator Training Audio Live

CertifiedWill you contribute to the possibility of a world where everything is included and nothing is judged?

Joy of Business Facilitator Training

BusinessBe an an authority on how to do business with a difference, joyfully, and change the world!

Talk to the Entities Annual Summit 2021

talk to the entities logo sm.pngThe Summit is six power-filled days of transformation for you to become a Talk to the Entities Facilitator!

Talk To The Entities Certified Facilitator Training

EntitiesFor people desiring to teach Talk to the Entities and broaden their capacities with entities, beyond advanced.

Being You Facilitator Training

Being YouStart the adventure of co-creating a global invitation to something that has never exisited before, BEING!

Relationships Done Different Facilitator Training

RelationshipEmpower your participants to create relationships that work and change their whole life.

Right Body for You® Facilitator Training

Right BodyRight Body for You Facilitator Training is all about empowering you to let go of the rightness of your point of view and to facilitate from the place of question, choice, possibility and contribution.

Right Voice For You Facilitator Training

Right VoiceFacilitate others to find their voice in the world and enjoy an ease of expression.

Right Recovery For You Certified Facilitator Training

Right RecoveryYou, facilitating people going beyond addiction, beyond recovery and beyond judgment!

Pragmatic Psychology Facilitator Training

Pragmatic PsychologyInspire people to discover their strongness that is hiding behind judgments, labels and wrongness.

Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider Facilitator Training

Conscious HorseBe a facilitator of horses and their riders, and receive greater awareness and possibility in this arena?

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Facilitator Booster Training

Conscious HorseA class designed to boost both the business, skills and capacities of current CHCR facilitators.

Wealth Creators Anonymous Facilitator Training

Wealth CreatorsAre you ready to obliterate insane points of view and facilitate a financial reality that works?