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Welcome to Access Consciousness Facilitator Trainings!

As an Access Facilitator you are stepping into being a contribution to more consciousness being available on this planet and to all who choose it. This is a huge gift to opening up a greater possibility for the end of limitation, destruction and judgment, or at the very least to begin to change it.

You can for example become a Bars Facilitator, a Certified Facilitator, a Being You Facilitator, a Body Process Facilitator and a Body Class Facilitator.

Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator Training

A Certified Facilitator Training Class is the last step in becoming an Access Certified Facilitator. Certified Facilitators are able to facilitate Bars, The Foundation as well as their own specialty classes. What if this could be something you add to your life that creates more for you and everyone?


Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider - Facilitator Training

Gary Douglas is offering a facilitators class for Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider. This class is designed to give you the possibility to facilitate Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider classes yourself! You could receive greater awareness on applying the Access tools to assist people with their riding skills, their relationship with their horse, their problems with their horse and also whatever problem the horse is facing. During this 2-day class Gary will be approving you, or not, depending on your interaction with the horses.

Right Voice For You Facilitator Training

Are you interested in facilitating others to find their voice in the world? To truly create? To have an ease and joy of expressing themselves?  Join the one and only Gary Douglas (Founder of Access Consciousness and Right Voice For You Creator) and Christopher Hughes (Gary’s personal choice to be the lead Right Voice) for a very special 3-Day Right Voice For You Facilitator Training.

The Being You Facilitator Training

What do you know? What do you know about being you? What do you know about being the difference that truly create change in the world? Is now the time for you to show others what is truly possible? To invite them to take living to a whole new level? Then this training may be for you!

Right Riches for You Facilitators

This Facilitators class invites the uniqueness of you, and what you know about your way of creating money, to contribute to people who have not yet created all the wealth they would like in their lives.

Right Relationship for You Facilitator Training

This class is designed to give those desiring to be Right Relationship For You facilitators the tools to both facilitate others in creating dynamic and joyful relationships and also to create and grow a dynamic coaching business.

Joy of Business Facilitator Training

Learn how to change the world of business and facilitate licensed classes in the Joy of Business® founded by Simone Milasas, Worldwide Coordinator of Access Consciousness®.

Pragmatic Psychology Facilitator Training

Would you like to facilitate Pragmatic Psychology classes? Have you always desired to inspire people to discover the strongness that is hiding behind judgements and labels and wrongness? What if there is a different possibility for you to facilitate people to be the greatness they truly are? What do you know that brings greater possibilities to the world? Are you ready to be the catalyst of change for this planet you truly be? What do you bring to Pragmatic Psychology that being it expands your world and creates a world that is fun living in!

Talk To The Entities - Certified Facilitator Training

TTTE Facilitators is for those who desire to teach TTTE and also those who have an interest in broadening their capacities and skill with entities beyond the advanced.

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