Is your family fucked up and mainly interested in limiting you? 
Is blood the source of family or being? 


Choice of Possibilities or Energetic Synthesis of Being within 12 months of the start of class. 


Choice of Possibilities or Energetic Synthesis of Being at any time + any Advanced class with Gary Douglas and/or Dr. Dain Heer within 12 months of the start of class.

Please note:  
You can apply for this class and if Gary Douglas does not think you are actually capable of receiving what the class will deliver, we will not take your money and Gary has the right of refusal.


Country pricing and Age pricing applies.
All prices include MP3 recordings of the class.
Your individual and applied pricing can be seen under Billing & Payments after registering.

Welcome to Houston, Texas, USA!

Please Note:  this class has changed dates from the 13th-15th to July 26-28th.

Sometimes it is easier to contact someone in person, so please don’t hesitate to ask:

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