Can Skin Reaction Be Soothed With Energetic Facelift?

The caterpillar (known as a “Bastaardsatijnrups” in the Netherlands; the English translation is a bastard satin caterpillar) was on my client’s (Judith) skin for a second. This was enough for it to shed its burning hairs on her skin, which almost immediately gave this huge reaction: her skin turned red, felt like it was on fire and the skin started showing...


Can Access Consciousness Tools Help Ease Pain?

Scientists have been searching for decades to understand the phenomenon of pain, where it comes from, how to help ease pain and how to change it.

What if there is a totally different possibility available?

What if the “cause” of pain isn’t what we think?


From Rejuvenation To Reverse Aging – Have You Tried The Access Facelift?

Anti Aging is Big Business.

It seems there are lots of people interested in reverse aging. In 2015, the global anti-aging market was worth over $140 billion...