Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider TV Series


Conscious Horse Conscious Rider is a remarkable TV series that explores the consciousness that horses have and the possibility of riders connecting with animals in a way, that until now, has only been available to a few. It's time that we open up to the magic that horses are for us and that we can be for them.

It will delight and intrigue animal lovers world-wide, particularly those with horses.


Talk To The Animals

Animals have a tremendous amount of information and amazing gifts they can give to us if we are willing to receive them. If you are unwilling to receive, then you miss out on what they wish to give you. You also limit your ability to receive in every area of life such as the money you can have and what is possible for you.

Would you be willing to receive the contribution that animals wish to gift to you?

Available in print, ebook and audio book!


Costarricense De Paso - The Treasure of Costa Rica

One of the most graceful breeds in the world, discover the majesty of the Costarricense de Paso.

A magnificent production featuring Gary Douglas and the Costarricense de Paso horses!


Finding the Specialness of You: Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Online Adventure

Horses are some of the greatest facilitators on the planet, and they are demanding that you receive the gift of you.

Join our world wide facilitators of Conscious Horse Conscious Rider (CHCR) as they invite you to explore what is possible when horses and people contribute to and receive from each other, with pragmatic tools, questions, hands on processes and incredible stories of change.