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Conversation OR Consequence?

Ask what will create the most.

Parenting as a tradition, regardless of culture, can often be summed up as spending 18+ years showing a child right from wrong.

What if there was another possibility?

When our kids make choices that don’t turn out the way that they had hoped or created a result that was less than desirable, what if you could ask yourself whether a conversation would create more rather than defaulting to consequence.

Consequences are often the bi-product of parenting from the right and the wrong, rather than seeing these moments in a child’s life as an opportunity to ask them questions and have them arrive at their own awareness of what they would like to create the next time that situation presents itself.

You can also ask yourself, “What will this create for the future for me and my child?” Do you desire a relationship with your child where they know they can talk to you about anything or are you creating one where they fear the consequence if they do.


What if children were told they are a gift from the moment they are born? That they can be and do anything they want? What could they create then? What would be possible? - Dain Heer



Empower Your Kids to Know What They Know

Your kids are unique - just like you, but in a tinier body. Trying to get them to do the right thing will only lead to an argument and you are thinking you’re failing as a parent.

Instead, ask them “What are you aware of?

Are they eating the “wrong” foods?

Refusing their nap?

Ask, “What does your body require?

What would allowing you both that freedom contribute to your life?


Choice Creates Awareness

"The choice you make today creates the future you have tomorrow” - Gary Douglas

Giving your children the skills to be aware of what their choices create, rather than just choosing for them, empowers them to know what they know.

NEVER TELL THEM THEY ARE WRONG no matter how terrible their choice may seem to you.

Instead ask them: “If you choose this, what will it create?” They might surprise you!


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