Sue Cotter

Suzanne Cotter

No matter what your past is, or where you’ve come from, the magical life
you’ve always desired―but scarcely dared to dream―is possible. You’re not
too old or too fucked (messed) up. Will you choose it?

Sue Cotter is a virtuoso with energy who has used Access Bars® and the dynamic tools of Access Consciousness® to create massive ease and peace in her body and life, businesses, and to transform relationships. Nowadays, Sue loves giving people the tools to realize their dreams.
What are you looking for? If everything were truly possible in life, what would you like to choose? With your relationships, money, and your body…

Growing up in Cork, Ireland, Sue was intrigued by what else is possible with bodies. Following a
competitive sports career, she qualified as a personal trainer delving more deeply into the physique. Today she uses Access tools and processes, together with her innate capacity to decipher the mysteries of people’s bodies, to release the memory of trauma and to create lasting change.
“There is no hard work in anything anymore,” Sue says. “You don’t have to go alone. There’s a whole universe that wishes to contribute to you.”

Sue is also a trained Right Recovery For You facilitator, covering drug, alcohol, sex, gambling, food, and all addictions. Are you recovering from the loss of a child, a parent, or a lifetime of trying to fit-in? What if recovery is the discovery of you?

So, no matter what your past is, if you’re looking to have more ease, creativity, and joy in your life, get in touch!

Sue offers the following services:
 Access Bars® sessions and classes
 Access Body processes and classes
 Access Abuse Hold
 Access Energetic Facelift™
 Symphony sessions
 Right Recovery for You
 Talk to the Entities sessions
 Powerful one-on-one private sessions designed to give you more body awareness and create The Magic you've been seeking that you always knew that's possible.

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“Your future is created based on your choices right NOW”

- Suzanne Cotter