Wendy Mulder

Wendy Mulder

Wendy Mulder

WELCOME to the possibility of living with ease!


Wendy Mulder is an author, change agent , international speaker, Access Certified Facilitator and Being you Facilitator.

 She assists people in living beyond grief and self judgement to embrace a different possibility.

If you know you’d like your life to be different, but you don’t know where to start - you are not alone! Have you ever realised you know exactly what everyone else thinks you should choose in your life, but you aren’t really clear on what you truly desire?

Most of the choices we have are hidden by our doubt and our judgement of ourselves. We don’t allow ourselves to even consider the possibility of joy or ease or pleasure. Fitting in, rather than standing out stops us from knowing our true desires in life. When we aren’t being who we truly are, we can’t even see the possibilities available. Yes… we live in a crazy world!!

If you would like your world to be less crazy and more relaxing it’s time to ask some new questions...

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> What could I choose that would be kind to me?
> What would be different in my life if I wasn’t doubting me?
> What have I decided is stopping me from having a different life?

These questions and many others have made an immeasurable difference to my life. My story is below and before you read it I would like to say to you…

What if life and living was a “endless discovery of adventure and joy” and you were the mystery treasure . What if each day you could wipe the judgements away and start to unwrap the gifts of you and your body? Would you be willing to choose that?
A Little About Me

We all have a story. We can use that story to create change in the world or we can use it against ourselves. Bringing awareness to my story opened my eyes to some very different possibilities .After being raped at a very young age I decided that the best way to live was to not be seen or heard. I literally stopped speaking and I removed myself from the world in many ways. That did not create the change I desired. What did create the changes were the tools, processes and information from Access Consciousness®.
Through these tools I found new ways to be present with the grief and to empower myself to show up in the world. What if we could see grief and trauma from a space of allowance, question, and possibility? If grief was a gift, what choices could it offer you and what changes could those choices bring?’
My life, my body and my money flows have changed dynamically in the last few years of using these tools. What if you never gave up on you? What if you never allowed any desire to be impossible? What is right about you that you haven’t yet acknowledged?


I invite you to explore... What else is possible now that you haven't even considered?

I offer,
• private grief sessions , and Being YOU sessions .
• Individual Bars sessions
• Bodywork sessions .... Are you aware of the gift your body truly is ?
• Facilitation of Bars, Foundation
• Transforming judgements with kindness.
Workshops/ telecalls /and Living Beyond Grief intros and day classes
Wendy Mulder - RN. BNsc. Midwife . Beauty Therapist. Founder of  Living with Ease . Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator , Being YOU Certified Facilitator , and Living beyond Grief Facilitator .

Visit my blog for more!

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“"BEING YOU - not only for You, but also for the rest of the World. "”

- Wendy Mulder