You are the Power

By Vladica Djordjevic

Welcome to You are the Power by Vladica Djordjevic!

Choose to create the life you desire!

Nothing should shake you
from the awakening art that is within you:
the art of living and the art of being you.

Vladica Djordjevic

Also available in: Español

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In You are the Power, Vladica, for the first time, shares details of her own healing and recovery from unimaginable loss.

Her journey from despair to light will resonate with anyone looking to find their way out of their own darkness.

Vladica’s story demonstrates how “dialing in” to life itself when the unthinkable happens is possible. With practical tools, meditations and coaching that will show you how to reconnect based on your own circumstances, You are the Power uses joy, humor, remembrance and reflection to help you find the places within your own self where you have locked away your potential and removed yourself from the space of Being. 

How many of you are trying to hide or avoid the fear that comes with taking risks in your life? When you become ready to open your eyes, you will free the energy that keeps you trapped to the past, and transform it into life and joy.
--Vladica Djordjevic

Only when we make the choice to live can we truly move on from grief, despair, our abusive or negligent past, or just plain bad luck. 

Vladica´s capacity to go beyond tragedy to possibility is remarkable. And this book may just inspire you to do the same.

–Dr. Dain Heer, Co-creator of Access Consciousness and author of Being You, Changing the World

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Vladica Djordjevic is an international speaker and facilitator who helps people step into their power and potency to create more ease and joy in their lives. 

Recognized across the globe for her eloquence and contagious life energy, her inspiring teaching style is based on the tools of Access Consciousness and other methods. Vladica leads transformational workshops that help people access their full capacities and abilities in order to heal their bodies and live more fulfilling lives.