Wendy Mulder

Wendy Mulder

Is it time to live in a kinder way?

Access Bars® and Access Consciousness® are simple, nurturing tools for you and your body to live with greater ease, less stress, and more joy.

If you are stuck, what contribution can you receive that would generate space, ease and possibility?

If you are stressed, anxious or depressed, will you invite yourself and your body to relax into creating a greater life?

Hi, my name is Wendy, and I would like to invite you to know that whatever has happened in your life, it is possible to have ease with living now and in the future. There is a lightness and joy available to your being and in your world that is just waiting for you to choose.

When you end the judgements of you, what else is truly possible?

When you bring kindness and gratitude into your world, what future becomes possible that wasn’t before?

Will you live a life of celebration that keeps getting better and better?

Is now the time to explore greater kindness, caring and honouring of and for you?

Wendy Mulder is an author, change agent, international speaker, Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness, Being You Speciality Programs and creator of Living Beyond Grief.

She facilitates world-wide and online. Invite Wendy to your city, or check the calendar for a class near you!



Access Consciousness has some great products (including Wendy's books!) click here

or go to www.kindnesswithgrief.com/shop to explore Wendy's books and products.


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“"If you lived like you were never going to die, what would you choose?"”

- Wendy Mulder